Birthday wishes for boyfriend

What makes life feel better than true love? Be it a new or old, for youngsters or old-folks- the feeling is the same and yet, different for all. All that matters to you is keeping your partner happy. With that in mind, one such special day for every person is their birthday. It is the day when everyone celebrates you and focuses on your happiness. Thus, it is very important and sending your boyfriend a birthday message that beautifully showcases your feelings for him is equally so. However, it is hard sometimes to verbally express the exact emotions you wish to convey.

Here are some birthday wishes for boyfriend that you can send and steal his heart.  

List of birthday wishes for boyfriend

To my knight in shining armor- you make my days brighter with your presence and my heart full of happiness. On this special day and every day onwards, I will do the same for you. Always yours.

Happy Birthday, my comfort zone! I wish you have a wonderful and cherishing day ahead!

From friends to lovers, we have been partners for life. I promise to be by your side through forever, laughing and falling all the way. Happiest birthday to you! 

Happy birthday, love! You are the most perfect man in my life. I love you. 

birthday wishes for boyfriend

To my partner in crime, thank you for all the everlasting adventures and never-ending laughter. You complete my heart. Happy birthday!

You made all my dreams come true, and today, I will all of yours. Happy birthday, my love… 

I always dreamt of finding my own Prince Charming, and life gave me you. Only more dashing and romantic. Cinderella, look away. This birthday boy is the king of my heart!

birthday wishes for bf

You are the Jack to my Rose, and I would sink with this ship. Happy birthday, Pretty Boy! 

You made me believe that love stories are possible outside pages and screens. Happy birthday to the most amazing man I know.

Happy birthday, baby. I get surprised every day that you are mine, how can someone be so lucky? I love you. Have a  great day!

happy birthday wishes for boyfriend

People say I am crazy, and I tell them I agree. I am crazy in love with you. Happy birthday..!

Happy birthday, my love! I cannot wait to put my arms around you and celebrate this day with you.

I love you and I can’t wait to see you today. Happy birthday, sweetheart!



Emotional birthday wishes for boyfriend

Today, you are a year older, and a year closer to being mine forever. Here’s to the beginning of more beginnings. Happy birthday! I will always love you as much as I do now. 

Partner yesterday, partner today, partner every day; that is my promise to you. Wishing you spend a wonderful and happy day today. 

Happy birthday to my constant- every moment I spend with you feels like my first and last. I wish you have a wonderful day ahead. 

happy birthday boyfriend

Each day I spend with you makes me fall deeper in love. Happy birthday, my darling! 

Happy birthday! Anything you wish for today is yours. All you have to do is ask. 

I must have been a saint in my previous life that I got you in this one. You are amazing in every sense of the word, and I promise to be there for you no matter what. Thank you for every moment we shared together, and many more to come. Happy birthday..!

birthday wishes for boy friend

You are gorgeous, fun, intelligent, and oh-so-wonderful. This birthday, I hope you spend a wonderful time. Lots of love, baby! 

Happy birthday, my reason-for-living. Make the most of today and party hard! I love you..!

I asked for a way to fly and you came along. And I have been flying ever since. Love you, my darling. Happy birthday!

When people ask me where my home is, I point towards you. I love you and I hope you spend a wonderful birthday. I will always be there for you..! 

boy friend birthday wishes

 Today is my favorite day, and probably the most special day of the year. After all, it brought you into this world and my life! 

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Romantic birthday wishes for boyfriend

You are everything I want in life wrapped in six feet of sarcasm and strong muscles full of warmth. I don’t know what I was doing with my life before I met you. Happy Birthday, darling..! 

They say the best love stories begin with friendships. I, for one, know it to be true. Happy birthday, best friend!

I wish you the happiest birthday, oh special one. You are the reason for the smile on my lips, and the spring in my steps. You make every day feel like forever and yet not nearly enough! I will always cherish you in my heart and soul… 

People say that perfect men who care for their partner and are there for them through thick and thin do not exist. They say that perfect men who look like a God but love like the Devil do not exist. Well, they say a lot of things but none of them are right. They clearly haven’t met you. Happy birthday, my one and only! 

Just like maple syrup on pancakes, my life would be empty without you. Happy birthday!

Every time I look at you, I wish my eyes were a camera. I will carry your photograph in my heart forever. Happy birthday, gorgeous!

When I close my eyes, you’re there to greet me. When I open them, I see your smiling face. Honestly, I don’t know which I’ll choose- I’m winning either way! Happy birthday, love. 

I wonder if when God was creating you, he had just added all the good ingredients into his creation bowl and called it a day. Not that I am complaining- I get the product of it all to myself! Love you, Birthday Boy.

I didn’t know what a soul mate was. It is someone you can share everything with, without getting judged, laugh together till the sun comes up, and share the beauty of silence with comfortably. Truly, I didn’t know what a soul mate was until I met you. Happy birthday, the love of my life! I hope you have a great day and life ahead!

There you go- send any of these messages to your boyfriend and see his eyes light up in joy and love. 

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