Birthday wishes for father

Birthday wishes for dad

The role that a father plays in his child’s life is insurmountable. Being a father is not easy. It takes a great deal of patience, love, and determination to love and nurture their child through different phases of life. Unbeknownst to them, fathers set the bar by which children judge all their relationships. A father inevitably must make sure their child knows how to survive in this harsh world. He teaches them how to treat others and how to let others treat them. A father’s job is never-ending and he never expects anything in return. As children, it’s up to us to make him feel special and loved. We should invest our time and energy in making heartfelt birthday wishes. He undoubtedly, irrevocably does the same for you.

 A father’s love knows no bounds. All that he expects is you to value every principle that he imparted to you.  He is the first man to make you feel loved and the man whose character reflects the most in your personality. He is the role model that you shape yourself in to. Make your birthday wishes to your father unique. Make him feel precious and appreciated.

These are some happy birthday wishes for dad that you can collect. Mix it in your own words and surprise him. 

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Best Birthday wishes for father

You inspire me to achieve great heights every day. You are my greatest motivator. Happy birthday!

happy birthday wishes for father

In the rough tides, you were my safety blanket. All the heartfelt wishes dad.

happy birthday father

Your love is and always will be unconditional. No amount of gratitude can compensate for it. Happy birthday, father.

birthday wishes for dad

Dear dad, you have been the best role model that I could have asked for. It’s not because you were perfect but because you were real. Happy birthday!

birthday wishes for papa

Even before I gained the knowledge of superheroes, you were my superhero dad. Many, many happy wishes for the day. 

happy birthday dad

The moments we shared are the most priceless treasure that I own. Happy birthday, dad.

Inspirational birthday wishes for father

Inspirational birthday wishes for fathers are hard to find. Finding something to inspire them is hard when they inspire us every moment of our life.

Dad, you have been my north star for as long as I can remember. Happy birthday, dad!

happy bday wishes for father

You have defended me against bullies all my life. You have taught me to stand up for myself. Thank you, dad, for imparting these precious life lessons. Wish you a very happy birthday father.

birthday quotes for father

You have always sought to place the world at my feet. So, on your birthday I want you to know You are my entire world dad. Happy birthday!

inspirational birthday wishes for father

Thank you, Dad, for teaching me to forgive and forget. Bitterness would only bring me down. Wish you a very happy birthday father.

No matter how many birthdays wishes for father I collect, it’s never enough. You held an indescribable place in my heart and life. Happy birthday, dad!

You are my anchor when life gets rough. Happy birthday, father. 

Happy birthday, dad! You never let me down, I am lucky to have you in my life.

You make sacrifices sound so easily. Thank you for silently sacrificing and never complaining.

You have taught me not to strive for perfection but to give it my best. Happy birthday, father. 

Birthday quotes for father

You have taken care of me since I opened my eyes to this world. Now, let me take care of you. Sit back and relax. I want to make life as comforting for you as you made it for me. Wish you a very happy birthday father.

You have imprinted on me the significance of happiness in life. Today, I aim only for things that make me happy. Thank you, dad, and happy birthday.

You pretended to be Santa just so you could keep my smile and innocence. I am astounded as to how I got you as my father. But, I did and I am grateful. Happy birthday, dad!

Daddy, you helped me be the best version of myself. Happy birthday!

The most valuable thing that you have ever given me is your unconditional love. Wish you a very happy birthday father.

Papa, you are my Iron Man and Captain America all rolled into one. Happy birthday, dad!

On your birthday, I wish nothing but unadulterated love and happiness for you. 

You have taught me to be strong and go through life with my head held up high. Happiest birthday dad!

You didn’t stop me from making mistakes. But, you supported me when I fell down. Thank you, dad, and happy birthday!

There aren’t enough words in the English Dictionary to describe what you mean to me, Papa. I love you and happy birthday! 

You always treat me like a princess daddy. No matter who life brings me, you will always be my king. Wish you a very happy birthday dad.

Dad, I really tried hard to pen a poem for you. But alas! I am not poetic enough. All I can see is love you dad and happy birthday!

You understood me even when I couldn’t express what I felt. Happiest birthday dad!

I was as rebellious as a teenager could get. You had an enormous amount of patience to deal with me and my antics. Thank you, Dad, for being there and happy birthday!

You believed in me. And, that made me want to believe in the impossible. Thank you pap for never giving up on me and happy birthday!

You have provided me with courage when I lacked. In love, you papa and wish you a very happy birthday!

May all your unsaid wishes come true on this and every birthday!

Dad, you have taught me to apologize when I am wrong and to express my gratitude when needed. Thank you and happy birthday papa!

Birthday wishes for dads are never-ending and can go on and on. Make him a card or bake him a  cake. Do whatever you like, just make him feel special and loved. 

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